Perfectly Priscilla: Video!

Back in September I shared a post about an adorable dress from Perfectly Priscilla  and did 3 looks with the dress I received from them. I had initially did a video of the three looks but never posted it. I was a bit embarrassed by the video because of how it was staged in my newly moved into apartment, I don’t know how to edit videos so it was edited poorly and my dog who farted and scared himself.

However, the other day I basically just said “F*CK IT! I am posting it” and posted it to my newly created Youtube channel.
There you can see my poorly edited video, a un-edited shot of my big butt and my dog scaring himself by his own fart.
I definitely need to learn some tips and tricks to edit videos but for the meantime this should entertain.

Check out the video, and if you haven’t already definitely subscribe to the channel to watch in the hopes I figure out how to create a decent video.

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