I’m On Youtube!!

Yes, you heard me! I created a Youtube channel! I have to admit it’s something I am still unsure if I truly want to do. Putting myself out there 100% really freaks me out, but I really think it will be good for me. It’s like free therapy!!

Right now there is only one video up which was actually from 3 years ago on Halloween, I went back to look at the video and I realized that once I got the makeup and hair done I basically looked like a large old brothel owner from the 20’s lol. 🙂 The video is kind of fun and I would love it if you could check it out and of course SUBSCRIBE!!!

There is another video that is hanging out in ‘private’ mode because I am kind of nervous about publishing it; but it’s like a bandaide, I got to just rip it off fast. Just publish it already!!

Check out the video and Subscribe! It would be amazing to have you there!!


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